5 Ways to Pay it Forward to Teachers


This is a great time of year to love on teachers. They do so much for us all year long. Here are five fun sneaky ways to surprise and delight your teachers this season:

  1. Bring trays to the teachers’ lounge and surprise them with a warm delicious lunch. If you’re feeling extra witty, attach a note that says, “Thanks for teaching our little nuggets”!
  2. Let’s be honest, no one deserves chocolate and caffeine more than teachers. Sneak a Cookie Tray and Carafe of Coffee into the teacher’s break room.
  3. Who doesn’t love getting happy mail? Stick some gift cards or calendars in your teachers’ mailboxes with a hand-made card from your kids.
  4. Start their day off right. Bring them a cup of hot coffee and write an encouraging note on the cup holder.
  5. Take them a package of Cookies with a note that says, “Thanks for being so sweet”.



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