Time-Saving Tips

During the holidays, it seems every second counts. Parties, decorating, school plays, finding and wrapping gifts, and hosting out-of-town company—the list is long and often it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish it all.

We’ve tapped into our resources at Chick-fil-A to provide some counsel. In this section, you’ll find strategies from moms from around the country on how to plan ahead and create down-time, too. We’ve consulted with renowned time management expert, Dr. Henry Cloud on his approach for managing family, time, and expectations this holiday. And if you’re worried you might have left someone off your list, we also have quick recommendations on who to include and a few Chick-fil-A goodies to share.


Secret Chick-fil-A Trays

You know how a lot of restaurants have secret menus? Well we have a secret tray. Actually, we have secret trays. They’re “Reheatable Trays” and come with pre-chilled Nuggets or Chick-n-Strips that you can bake in the convenience of your own home. Whether you’re a party planner or hosting the entire family for an extended stay, this is an easy solution for feeding a crowd.

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Managing Your Time and Your Family This Holiday

By Dr Henry Cloud

Ok, let’s be honest: holidays can be the best and the worst of times, though most often they’re a mixture. While we are able to spend time with the people who give us the most meaning, fun and fulfillment, we also “get to” spend time with those who can do the opposite. Additionally, there are the activities that bring great fulfillment and some that don’t. Again, we tend to find ourselves squeezed between competing wishes and priorities. So, what to do? Here are five tips to get you through.

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Approaching the Holidays Like a Pro

With holiday celebrations just around the corner, time is running out for getting it all done. So if you’re feeling a little like Santa without the workshop full of elves, we’re here to help.

Mothers from around the country shared with us their strategies for not only surviving the holidays, but creating time to enjoy them. There are only three rules here: Plan ahead, expect the unexpected, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

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Grab-and-Go Gifts

Avoid the crowds (and the cold) by picking up your holiday gifts in the Drive-thru. That’s right. You don’t even have to get out of the car.

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Gifts for Everyday Heroes

The holidays are a time when we want to show people in our lives that we love them and appreciate them. That can be overwhelming for many of us – how can I uniquely make sure everyone in my life feels appreciated and loved? And how can I do this with my already limited amount of time and budget?

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Party Hero in No Time…Literally

Are you feeling a bit over committed this season? Did you accidentally say “yes” to too many activities and parties? We want to help. Don’t feel the pressure of having to bring one more perfect dish to the party.

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