Chicken Nugget Fiesta


You don’t have to call your mom this holiday to ask her what to bring to the party or the tailgate. We’ve already done it for you. Moms from across the country participated in our “Dress Your Nuggets Challenge.” The requirements were simple: don’t “do it yourself” just “dress it yourself”. That’s it— they provide the steps, the recipe and a photo—and we’re here to do the sharing. Mom approved.

A popular theme among our submissions was to add a little spice and create Mexican-themed nuggets. Whether you’re looking for a quick, four-ingredient appetizer or for a more indulgent, full meal of taco bowls, we have five Mexican-inspired nugget recipes to heat up your celebration.

Taco Bowls:

Using stand-n-stuff taco bowls, Lynn and her husband, Brett baked our nuggets with bacon and shredded cheese to create delicious little taco bowls. Complete with tomatoes and a southwestern ranch sauce, you can find her full recipe here.

The Logan Special

This recipe has all the makings of homemade, but without the hassle. Amanda of the blog, “Making Time for You…. Bubble Baths, Books and Boys” concocted this dish, inspired by her favorite local Mexican restaurant. Named in honor of her son Logan, all you need to get this dinner started are Chick-fil-A grilled nuggets, Velveeta queso, Rotel, frozen veggies and white rice. Click here for cooking instructions:

Mini Nachos

Can-Do-It Mom Diane had three requirements for her DIY recipe. It must be: simple, delicious, and appeal to kids. The result is a four-ingredient recipe that pound for pound has the best chicken to chip ratio we’ve ever seen. Check it out here:











DIY Mexican Smorgasbord

You better get a fork ready for this one, because it’s more than any one tostada can handle. Rachel’s fresh veggies, olives, taco sauce and toppings make this dress up one you’ll want to dress down for—or at least add a few napkins. We advise you don’t go to this site on an empty stomach:

Mini Tacos with Cabbage Slaw

If you’re a fan of the designer taco movement—and who isn’t?—this dish has all the makings of a new family favorite. Vegetarian mom, Suzan enjoys letting us grill the chicken for her son so she can do the rest. With a little cabbage, lime, mayo and brown sugar, this recipe is all sweet and citrusy. Get a taste here:

Let us know how we did—and share your favorite nugget recipe with us on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest using the hashtag #DressUpYourNuggets



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