Chopstick Chicken


Break out the tinsel as you try these Thai-inspired dishes in the comfort of your home.

Asian Lettuce Wraps

Simply Budgeted Blog author Beth gives her husband full credit for crafting this beautiful, brightly-colored dish. With purple cabbage, orange carrots and bright green Bibb lettuce, we’re thinking this is grilled love. For the full recipe:

Nugget Stir Fry

Three ingredients, 15 minutes and you have a meal—tell us more! Simply Basics Blogger Brandi makes it super easy to dress up your nuggets in no time. A little stir fry sauce, veggies, nuggets and a side of rice if you please (and we do):

General Moo's Chicken

General Moo's Chicken

General Moo’s Chicken

We have to give Heather mooore points for branding her dish—a new take on the traditional Chinese General Tso’s chicken. With red pepper flakes in the mix, no spicy chicken is needed here. Add in diced garlic, broccoli and more and we say this one is a must-try. For the full recipe and more cute pictures of Heather’s sous chef click here:

 Wonton Taco Appetizer

A takeoff on take out, these little appetizers will leave you wonton more. Super Savin’ Momma Cathy says all you need to make these tasty treats are grilled nuggets, wonton wraps, coleslaw mix and Thai peanut sauce. Some assembly required:

 Asian Flair Chicken

A Korean food frequenter, Ruthie says she keeps all of her ingredients on hand to make these nugget seaweed wraps. But if you’re hitting the grocery store on your way to the drive-thru, you’ll need both hands. This recipe requires sticky rice (or jasmine), sheets of seaweed used for making sushi rolls, kimchi, rice vinegar, sesame oil, Sriracha sauce, soy sauce and Bulgogi marinade. And that’s a wrap!



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